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At Spoedkat Studio, we offer you affordable recording and filming rates. From your basic needs as a beginner or solo artist recording over a back track, to voice overs for videos and other projects, recording and tracking of full bands, choir recital performances, that speech you need to film and record for your company or that special message from yourselves or the kids to a loved one.

Services offered

Tracking and recording

We have over 15 years experience in recording and tracking beginners, full bands, solo artists, instrumental performances, recitals, choirs and speeches. We are also experienced in sound production such as voice over recordings and radio or online ad production

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Filming and editing

We have more than 10 years experience in filming and editing. From business profiles to events, festivals, musical performances and more recently a weekly produced music program featuring South African artists. We have also produced promotional videos for local businesses and have worked with companies such as Google, FitChef, Leadhome and Oppikoppi. We have even filmed and produced two TV ads which aired on KykNet.

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We have all the gear

Because we have combined the effort, knowledge and resources from two recording studios, we have all the necessary recording and filming equipment you need for a professional touch, from audio hardware like desks, mics, drum kits, amps and stands, to cameras, lights and software.

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We would really love to hear from you! What are your needs in terms of affordable, high quality recordings and filming sessions? Get hold of us through the contact page or phone:
Illmar Neitz on 082 484 2322
Gifford Peché on 079 582 4827

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