Our Services

We have all the equipment to film or record your band, solo performance,  choir or corporate speeches . We have 2 studios 10 minutes apart from each other, located in Pretoria. Or we come to you with all our gear. As simple as that.

With the combined forces, energy, gear and expertise of our two studios located in Pretoria we can offer you more than the average studio – we can come to you, your school or your business! Apart from our permanent recording gear set-up in our studios in Monument Park and Brooklyn, we have acquired enough high quality gear to set up a third, completely mobile studio. Not only is this super convenient for schools and the likes, but we also did this in order to be of service to the “out of town” areas and smaller dorpies. By booking us for higher volumes, we are able to bring the cost down considerably and spread it out over the participants. A session in a recording studio to record a vocal track can normally cost anything from R2500 upwards per song, but we can for instance add professional video filming and editing with up to three angles on top of the recording and depending on the number of participants, offer something more substantial and more affordable.

We can record or film or offer our services for both when it comes to:

  • Beginner or experienced vocalists wishing to perform auditions for music competitions, recording over backtracks.
  • Local or community talent competitions.
  • Kids recording specials songs or messages for family members for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas message or special occasion messages for grand parents or loved ones lving far away.
  • Pre-recorded wedding speeches when you’re worried about your nerves getting the better of you.
  • Solo artist or full bands recording performances with musical instruments from single instruments to full-on band set-ups with guitars, keyboards, percussion and drum kits.
  • Choir performances.
  • Classical recital performances.
  • School auditions, concerts and songs.
  • Important corporate speeches or events.
  • Special recording and filming of events or live performances.
  • Promotional videos and adverts to showcase your business, products and services.
  • Highlight packages of festivals, year-end functions or special events.